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Interview with Jonathan Bautista, Atlanta Personal Trainer Program Graduate

Posted on: March 4th, 2015 by Edie Morton No Comments

Jonathan Bautista

Jonathan Bautista is a graduate of Atlanta School of Massage and the Atlanta Personal Trainer Program. Soon after graduating he joined Catalyst Fitness, Georgia’s one and only medically recognized Personal Training and Performance Enhancement facility.

What inspired you to become a personal trainer and pursue a career in alternative healthcare?

I grew up disliking the current state of healthcare in the U.S. and was itching to see change. I tried protesting and hoping some politician would fix everything and that got me practically nowhere. So I decided instead of being against something, I would grow to be FOR something and help to correct the problem using holistic principles and education.

How did you chose the Atlanta Personal Trainer Program? What did it offer that other schools did not?

ASM Wellness has the best reputation in the southeast for crafting quality therapists and trainers. They work with the community of professionals to make sure their students are leaving their facility with a number of useful certifications and a load of great contacts as you’re entering the field.

Catalyst is one of the most reputable personal training facilities in Georgia. How did your education prepare you for this opportunity?

I have always been a science geek, and the incredible amount of information I soaked up during the personal trainer program and massage therapy program allowed for me to impress clients and employers alike. I can help a person see what’s going on in their bodies and describe it in a way that is relevant and useful for fixing it.

Please tell us about your experience working at Catalyst.

Bill Sonnemaker and Valorie Ness of Catalyst Fitness have been AMAZING!! They are personable, helpful, supportive and patient. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience entering the personal training field. You’re able to guide people in their small group training every day, I can consult with clients about their aches and pains to develop a massage therapy program for them, and gradually pick up personal training clients through an array of contacts and connections.

Do you have clients that see you both for massage therapy and personal training?

I do have clients that I see for both, as well as clients I see for one or the other. I would say that my combo clients get the best experience. Not only am I able to design custom workouts for them based on exactly what is going on in their bodies and their desired goals but I can balance their bodies even more by applying my hands to their joints to see what may be imbalanced while addressing adhesions, chronically shortened muscles, Myofascial tension, and trigger points.

Add the Fitness Nutrition Certification and the Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification and you’ve got what we call “The Perfect Fit.”

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