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Interview with Spa Therapies Instructor, Carol Venclik, Part 2

Posted on: August 4th, 2011 by Selena Anduze No Comments


Carol Venclik, AIA  Spa Therapies Instructor
SA: In my opinion, joining the Green Spa Network is a magnificent step for Atlanta School of Massage ! I love that we now offer natural products that are eco-friendly and safe for the consumer. Plus, it’s awesome for the students to move in this direction and to see that there are alternatives to harsh and abrasive high-chemical products.  What are your thoughts about the benefits or drawbacks, if any, to this new venture?

CV: I think joining the Green Spa Network was a great step for Atlanta School of Massage , and I support it completely! It’s when we all work together that we see visible changes happening in our lives and the planet. I too love the eco-products now available in our bookstore. We are educating not only our students, but also our clients on the benefits of great self-care that is natural and eco-friendly! 

SA: Do you have any “rules of thumb” or tips to share with those students interested in practicing spa therapies after graduating from ASM/AIA?

CV: Absolutely! My rule of thumb for all students is to remain open to all possibilities. [For example] a first job is just a first job. Without contrast along our career path, we would not have clarity on how to move forward to manifest our dreams and desires. I encourage my students to test the waters and see what suits them or what may be a good fit for them. Be true to yourself and enjoy your profession!

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