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10 People You Meet in Esthetics School

Posted on: July 9th, 2015 by Elizabeth Adams 12 Comments
 The Vegetarian/Hippie Chick 1. The Vegetarian/Hippie Chick– She’s cool, sweet, totally into all things natural- bonus points if it’s organic, vegan, cruelty-free… with recycled packaging. It takes a lot to get her down. She is coasting through school on her own positive vibes and manages to bring a smile to your face no matter what kind of day you’re having.
 Rebel 2. The Rebel– She shows up when she wants to. Leaves when she wants to. She will get her credits done when she gets around to it. When you’re learning facials- she’s into waxing, when you’re learning waxing- she’s onto chemical exfoliation. She’s hardly ever in uniform and has no idea where her books are. You love her though- because that’s just her…
 Smart 3. The Smarty Pants Know It All– Love her or hate her- she’s smart. She studies, she lives for this stuff. She might answer every question before it’s done being asked or she might wait and let everyone else have a guess before giving the right answer. Secretly, you wish you could harness some of that brain power for yourself. What does she do? Stay up until 3AM reading? Well, yes… yes she does.
 Waxing 4. The Waxer– She may have slept through every other chapter- but she perked right on up for waxing. It’s the reason she signed up for school. If you need hair removed, she is the girl to see. She’s easy to spot- her brows are flawless and she is practically hairless.
 Makeup Diva 5. The MakeUp and Lash Diva– A glance  into her handbag is like looking at the MAC counter. She is so on trend, by the time you’ve heard of it- she’s mastered it. She is a true glamor girl. She will buy a $50 lip gloss and not have money for gas to get to school. Tell her you buy makeup from the drugstore and you will get a lecture. She is your best friend on Saturday- giving everyone a new look so they can go out.
  1. The Social Butterfly– She is a blast, she’s almost too cool for school. She will have a sidekick- they will always go on break together. They always know where the happening parties are- what to wear and they always look FLAWLESS in their uniform (HELLO?!? HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!?). You want to be her friend- she would be yours too, she’s just… ya know- busy.
 Esthetics School 7. The Mama Bear-You know her… everyone loves her. She has everyone’s number. She knows everyone’s birthdays. She is the one who knows when someone is sick, is getting married, moving- etc. She could be 25, she could be 60… She probably has a few children of her own. She will throw you a wedding shower, baby shower, and take up money for a gift for your teacher at Christmas. She is so sweet, but watch out- just like your Mama, if you get out of line, she will give you a talking to.
 Esthetics School 8.The Slacker– She is a master at disappearing when it’s cleanup time. She loves to receive treatments, but you never see her giving them. She is also pretty good at not paying attention- she will ask a question about what was covered 3 minutes after it’s covered. Secretly you hope the Mama Bear in your class gives her a “talking to”.
 Esthetics School  9. The Career Student– She’s The Massage Therapist/Master Cosmetologist/Nail Tech going for their second (or third license). They are pretty easy to spot- their posture and body mechanics are spot on.  A lot of the time they are working professionals, in the evening program and are usually in a hurry to get to class because they just got done with a client. They are super organized and always know their stuff. This is a great friend to have- they can show you the way to navigate the ways of adult education.
 bestie 10. Last, but certainly not least- The ESTY BESTIE! She’s the best, hands down. You probably met on the first day- laughed at the same things, found the same things interesting/annoying. This is me with mine. Her name is Mandy. We were not interested in the same things- AT ALL. She loved to wax and I was really into machines and peels. She was just the funniest person I’d ever met. We bonded over thinking our uniforms needed more “flair”- trust me… they did! We have been friends ever since. She is a great asset to the esthetics community. She is manager of a Halotherapy center in Roswell and she lets me bring my students for field trips to learn more about alternative therapies.

I think the best thing about esthetics/cosmetology school is that it exposes you to people from all walks of life- you end up meeting people you wouldn’t normally befriend. It’s one of the only career paths that blends art and science so fluidly- Where you have creative artistic types sitting beside super science buffs. You’ll never find a career so accepting, loving and fun.

The people who gravitate towards it- no matter if they are a hippie, rebel, smarty pants, waxer, makeup diva, social butterfly, mama bear, slacker or the professional student- they are all unique and all working towards the same goal- to make people feel better… and what could be better than that?

Oh, and for the record- Mandy was the Hippie Chick– and I was the Know It All.


12 Responses

  1. Mindy H says:

    This is so true! I’m probably the know it all. Ha.

  2. Ray says:

    This is true! I’m definitely the later!!

  3. Mandy Jane says:

    I am totally speechless! I love you Elizabeth, thank you for this. This list is extremely accurate! You’re a talented amazing esthetician and I’m so glad we got to enjoy learning this crazy career together. It’s true we are scientists, artists, and healers. Amazing blog, keep up the good work

  4. Erika Curry says:

    Too true…..I think I fall into a couple categories.

  5. Cassie says:

    I was the Mama Bear…probably why I ended up an Instructor ; ) In fact I’m currently planning my class’ 10 year reunion!

  6. Elizabeth,

    Thank you for sharing such positive insight into Estie’s and furture Estie’s personalities! As an esthetics educator, I will be sharing this article with my future new students during orientation.

    You are a gem!

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