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AMTA Student Highlight: Karma Gordon

Posted on: September 13th, 2012 by Selena Anduze

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With a background in counseling and real estate, Karma Gordon has always been involved with customer service and helping others to achieve their goals. But it wasn’t until recently that she realized she too was ready to embark on a new journey to fulfill her full potential. It was no longer enough for Karma to help others while sitting behind a desk or in a cubicle, it was time to get her hands in it …literally! For years, her friends and family had been telling her that she was really good with her hands and that she had a wonderful sense of touch. And in December of 2011, Karma was ready for a career change to better suit her life’s goals and ambitions—she enrolled in the day class at the Atlanta School of Massage (ASM) to become a massage therapist.

Having worked in the admissions department at the University of Phoenix, Karma knew exactly what to look for in a school, and when comparing the Atlanta School of Massage to other massage schools in the area, ASM filled the bill hands down. Its solid 30 year reputation of excellence in massage education coupled with its mission to deliver an all-encompassing health and wellness education within a thriving and diverse environment was not only attractive, but crucial to her plan of becoming a successful massage practitioner.

From the moment she walked through the doors of ASM Karma said, “It felt like I was home. The ambiance and vibrant energy of the school had me hooked instantly! Then, the Admissions Director, Larry Williams, sealed the deal with the tour. Everyone was smiling, the students were interacting with faculty, and the resources and curriculum were amazing. When he asked if I had any questions, I simply replied ‘Where do I sign up?’”

When asked how her time at ASM has influenced her life, Karma got a little misty-eyed and exclaimed “if I were to tell you each and every way ASM has changed my life, we would be here all day! But my fondest impressions are almost entirely about the instructors. My very first class was with Geoff West, who is funny and patient—a perfect combination for new students because he creates an environment that is inviting, open-minded, and group-oriented. His patience makes the questioning students very comfortable, allowing us to bond with one another. Then there is Aaron Gunn, who is arguably the best teacher I have ever had. He’s so knowledgeable and able to convert super complex information in a way that is digestible to the students. My study habits changed tremendously with him because I was now able to see the body and separate and examine it in an outlined and organized way, which was something new for me.”

Karma then continued to share how each course provided her with new tools and further built upon her collection of techniques and knowledge. Today, she is leaning toward the clinical approach and perhaps working with a Chiropractor, since she loves the challenge of tackling the source of one’s musculoskeletal conditions and guiding them to a new version of themselves with healing and therapeutic touch.

And toward the end of her journey here at ASM, it was ever-so-fitting that her last client in the student clinic was Larry Williams, the director of admissions. His words of encouragement and validation that she was “perhaps the best massage therapist he had had the pleasure of receiving healing touch from” gave Karma an enduring satisfaction and confidence that she was ready to move forward as a professional.

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