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Posted on: September 1st, 2015 by Elizabeth Adams

Technology has all but taken over our lives. People of all ages have smart phones. I know 5 year olds who have iPhones, and 85 year olds who can’t seem to put theirs down. We will walk around on 4 hours of sleep, but our phone will have 100% charge. Our priorities are a little backwards.If we looked for a place to rest when we got tired with the same effort that we look for a phone charger when we get to 20% battery life, we would probably accomplish a lot more as a society.

I love technology, I think that when used properly it can enhance our lives like nothing else.  I’m constantly on the look for apps that I can share with others. I look for more than just games. I look for apps to help with my daily life as a mom and teacher. Here are some of my favorites for adult students.

Self Control APP

Self Control 

This app is amazing for studying. You can block certain websites, i.e. Pinterest or Facebook, for blocks of time. Best of all is, that once you put these blocks in place, it’s impossible for you to access them until the time you’ve previously specified runs out. You can’t just flip a switch and check them. Even if you get desperate and delete the application, you won’t be able to access them before the time you specified. Happy studying!


 Universal Password Manager  

Most educational facilities do correspondence through email. When you have a lot of passwords to remember, it can get tricky and frustrating. This app allows you to keep all your passwords in one database, protected by one password.



Quizlet provides millions of flashcard study sets for numerous topics, created by student users. If you can’t find the subjects you’re looking for, you can make your own. Quizlet also lets you use images and audio in your flashcard sets, which adds variety to the learning process.



When you’re in school, you meet a lot of people- Job Fairs, industry professionals and        instructors, just to name a few. Evernote makes it easy for you to remember more about the people you meet. The business card camera captures the clearest possible images of your business cards and saves everything into a contact note. It’s hassle free and saves you time!



So many adult learners forget to take care of themselves. Nutrition is a big part of wellness and self-care, but many see cooking as something difficult or too time consuming. With Bigoven, all of that goes out the door and I cannot say enough good things about this app. You can even find amazing recipes for using leftovers. There are recipes for every level of cook. They even have the grocery list separated by section of the grocery store. It’s so organized, simple and easy to use.



I’ve been a Pinterest fan since the very beginning. There is no end to it’s potential. I’ve used it to find recipes, sure… but I’ve also used it to research spas and beauty treatments around the world to share with my class. Great for organization tips, studying tips, decorating, style, anything- seriously. It’s also a great way to wind down at the end of a long day.



Speaking of winding down, Colorfy is amazing! Digital coloring books for adults. Beautiful scenes, famous paintings, animals and mandalas. Seriously, after about 15 minutes you’ll be totally relaxed from the stresses of learning.


Sleepy Time Bedtime Calculator  


Nothing makes you a better student than being well rested. A lot of us don’t know when to go to sleep. We wake up at the beginning of a new sleep cycle and we are thrown off balance for the entire day. This app puts an end to all of that. This app will not make your bed for you, and it will not help you study but it will make it so you want to make your bed, and so that your studying actually works!

Yoga For Insomnia

Yoga for Insomnia 

Sometimes the stress of going to classes, working and life in general can get us all out of order. This app will help you get centered and focused for sleep. You can customize your session to fit your needs.

Give some of these a try, if you haven’t already and see how it enhances your life. Being a student isn’t just about going to classes, studying, and doing what seems like a bunch of trivial work. It’s about learning as much as possible while you’re in the environment and making the most of it. Taking care of yourself is crucial to the entire process. If that means doing a few minutes of yoga between clinics, do it… there’s an app for that. If it means hopping on FaceTime to have a few minutes with your family, do that. Our technology can assist our growth and help us evolve into much better versions of ourselves, if we use it as a tool instead of as a weapon.

Remember to unplug your devices from time to time, and enjoy the people and experiences around you.

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