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Personal Trainer Class Meets the ViPR

Posted on: April 5th, 2013 by Admin

Midtown Athletic Club Field Trip

Yano Anaya, ASM Personal Trainer Program Director, introduces students to progressive fitness techniques during field trips. Recently Yano took a class to meet Catherine Luciano, CSCS, MES ,  Midtown Athletic Club Fitness Director, who gave students a lesson in ViPR training. Catherine is one of 18 certified ViPR group instructors in the country.

Catherine Luciano

Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning

ViPR represents vitality, performance and reconditioning, three modalities of goal-based programming. ViPR is a total body workout utilizing a weighted rubber tube for cardio and strength training. Yano and students got a powerful intense workout in about 15 minutes of ViPR training. Students loved experiencing this revolutionary workout tool originally designed for professional Hockey players.

Origin of ViPR

ViPR  inventor,  Michol Dalcourt, worked with Hockey players and discovered that the highest performing players were farm kids. “When I finally analyzed what these kids were doing, it served to elucidate my training and program design. These farm kids were truly functional. Everything that they did was performed with varying loads, in all three planes, at various speed, and various ranges of motion: they called it chores. Moving farm equipment by hand, shoveling, lifting, squatting, crouching, rotating, lunging, pushing, pulling etc. They had an objective (i.e., loading a trailer with dirt), and their bodies got the job done, by integrating every body part.”

Personal Trainer Class Meets the ViPR

Hands-on Training: Essential for a Personal Trainer Career

Atlanta School of Massage offers one of the most respected personal trainer certifications in Georgia. The ASM Personal Trainer Program has many valuable components. Of utmost importance is the extensive hands-on supervised training essential to a trainer’s success and confidence. In addition to training each other, students work with the public in the teaching clinic. This gives them the experience of working with an array of body types, goals and conditions. These  field trips to local Atlanta gyms are another of the unique benefits of our certification program.

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