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Atlanta School of Massage attends LOHAS Forum 2011

Posted on: July 5th, 2011 by Admin

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability

Leticia Allen, president of Atlanta School of Massage, and I attended the 15th annual LOHAS Forum in Boulder, Colorado. LOHAS – Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, focuses on educating and building community around the central theme of healthy and sustainable lifestyles for individuals and societies. LOHAS market sectors include Sustainable Economy, Healthy Living, Alternative Medicine, Personal Development and Ecological Living.  As a leader and pioneer in wellness education, Leticia Allen, incorporates these values into her personal and professional life at Atlanta School of Massage.

Speakers, panelists and attendees included CEO’s, organic farmers, award winning authors, green spa founders, social media strategists, goddesses, futurists, a medicine man, trend specialists and a 21st century slam poet. The event was a non-stop dynamic immersion in inspiration, connections, story-telling, and education. Frequent topics of discussion were leadership, the new social culture, community, changing demographics, marketing trends connecting to values, innovation, transparency, and creativity.

LOHAS marketing trends

Social Media Marketing

Dr. Jean Houston

Dr. Jean Houston

Changing Yourself, Changing the World: The Path of Purpose and Destiny

“How do we contribute to the re-genesis of society and in the assuming of a new type of culture; the culture of kindness?” – Dr. Jean Houston– Founder, Human Potential Movement

Dr. Houston, one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time, expanded on the idea of how we can tap into and develop the goodness of human potential through the arts and myth. Creativity and innovation are imperative for the evolution of our species. She spoke of other cultures whose lack of neurosis was due to a lifestyle enriched by the arts, especially music. Through her research and work within 40 different cultures she reports that 70 % of the leaders today are post menopause females. She suggested a new partnership between men and women is required for the restoration of the biosphere.

Theo (Lucifury) Wilson

Theo (Lucifury) Wilson

Wisdom of Words – A poem for Gaia like you have never heard before Theo (Lucifury) Wilson

Lucifury  is a 21st century poet who elevates the consciousness of humanity with the intense power of his poetry, art, communication, and living example of his life’s journey. Check out his moving delivery on TEDX MileHigh.

Keynote – Conscious Leadership Is An Inside Job

“Personal transformation is required for transformation in business”- Casey Sheahan – CEO, Patagonia

Patagonia’s mission and values have proven legendary in their power to effect positive change in modern apparel manufacturing. Sheahan shared how the company’s growth accelerated even faster when it brought total awareness to to the full spectrum of its real-world impacts and extreme transparency to it’s daily operations.  Sheahan explained how, “being green and being socially responsible are essential now, but it has become equally important to lead with mindfulness, compassion and soul. What’s true in the macrocosm for companies is true in the microcosm for its leaders.”

What did Atlanta School of Massage take away from the LOHAS Forum?

Communications about sustainability to a wide audience need to be kept simple. Emphasizing the financial savings attained thru reduction in resource usage will have far more weight than “saving the polar bears”.

In 2010 we made considerable strides towards lowering our environmental footprint through energy, water and waste reduction. Patagonia’s business model resonated with us and lent a re-charge of inspiration towards further solutions we can implement. Atlanta School of Massage will continue to promote the natural connection between personal well-being, economic sustainability and the health of our planet.

We invite you to let us know what you think about our direction in sustainability. We welcome your comments and suggestions or feel free to contact us directly.

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