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Enhance Your Wellness Therapy with Ambiance

Posted on: May 3rd, 2013 by Admin

Healing Environments

A clean, aesthetically pleasing, non-cluttered space can put your client at ease. Whether you practice in  your own studio, a doctor’s office, or spa a client’s first impression is important.  Clients come to you for healing , nurturing and or relaxation. If the environment is welcoming and attractive while offering a safe haven for relaxation their experience is enhanced .

Healing Environment

Organic Objects of Beauty

I can speak from experience after working in an array of environments as a massage therapist. I practiced in doctor’s offices, day spas and my home studio. Clients loved to come to my home because of the ethereal, organic and calming elements that came together creating sanctuary. Tree branches, bamboo, shells, artifacts, art objects and ambient  lighting brought about healing for the soul the moment a client entered the space. Music or nature sounds, a fountain , candles and essential oils also contribute to the  sensory experience and enhance the session for both you and your client.

Healing Environment

Feng Shui

I incorporated Feng Shui, an ancient art and science, which balances the energies of any given space to insure good health and balance. I found the book Wind and Water by Carole Hyder to be a helpful guide working with this complex science. Feng Shui is about intention of space and placement of objects. A fountain, certain color or a natural material like wood may be placed intentionally  to balance or enhance a particular area. Creating healing spaces for dwelling and work will support, nurture and bring balance to you and your clients.

Sydney Airport Lounge and Spa

Sydney Airport Lounge and Spa


My favorite day spa environment is Natural Body-Brookhaven, in Atlanta. It is the first spa in the United States to achieve Platinum LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. Much of the interiors and surroundings including furnishings and flooring were made of recycled post consumer materials. The spa also practices energy and water conservation. The products used for spa services and available in the retail store are natural and organic. The space felt so good because of its intentional alignment with and respect for our natural world which supports us.

You can visit the ASM Wellness Pinterest page to find a collection of beautiful  spa room environments and interiors. We hope they inspire you. Please share the special touches you have incorporated into your work environment and practice. We would love to hear from you.

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