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Geoff West, ASM Graduation, Keynote Speaker

Posted on: May 18th, 2016 by Admin

Geoff WestGeoff West, Atlanta School of Massage graduate, Integral Shaman and creator of Integral Transformative Bodywork will be the keynote speaker for our upcoming graduation, June 6, 2016. Geoff inspired hundreds of students as a dedicated instructor and mentor between 2000-2012. He currently offers courses on the pillars of Integral Transformative Bodywork, (ITB) to both professionals and the general public. Additionally he hosts study groups and workshops around Atlanta and throughout the U.S.

Early on Geoff was was captivated by the qualities exuded by warriors of a different time and culture such as the Jedi of Star Wars and the Samurai of Japanese culture. His yearning to embody archetypal energies lead him on profound, educational and spiritual journeys as a young boy and beyond. After his freshman year of high school he spent time at an ashram practicing meditation, yoga, diversity, chanting, Shakti Pat (Kundalini release) and the appreciation of the aesthetics of nature. Then he explored deeper studies in the Chinese healing arts, chakra health and psychology, nutrition and theosophy which gave way to his curiosity in massage and bodywork.

His expansion of knowledge of the martial and healing arts led to writing poetry and practice of the visual arts. This arena lead back to a direct and committed path to the study of bodywork at Atlanta School of Massage in 1997. There, studies were focused on postural and orthopedic assessment and a number of rehabilitation techniques. After graduation Geoff pursued education and practice of ancient tools like the Chakra system, the Medicine Wheel and Mesa from the North and South American shamanic traditions and modern Energy Medicine techniques.

After several years of travel throughout the U.S. and Thailand Geoff returned to teach again at ASM. The students and classroom became a canvas for his 10 year practice and refinement in the art and science of communication with individuals and groups. “I look to this ancient student-and-teacher relationship as my deepest and richest guide and mentor.” says Geoff. In return Geoff offered unlimited compassion, empowerment and encouragement to his students.

After years of studying 4 complex disciplines, tirelessly, they later became the pillars of Integral Transformative Bodywork (ITB). This includes Integral Theory, EM and Shamanic Medicine, and psychosomatic bodywork.  These ultimately defined, not a singular technique but a modal of recovery as well as a vehicle for Integral transformation and enlightenment. Succinctly named Integral Transformative Bodywork (ITB) it would become the center piece of Geoff’s personal and professional life.

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