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How I Chose Atlanta Personal Trainer Program

Posted on: February 17th, 2015 by Ebony Ricks

Ebony Ricks

This is the second entree in a 3-part series by Ebony Ricks, Atlanta Personal Trainer Program student. Read part-1, How I Decided to Become a Personal Trainer.

I Needed Hands-On Instruction and a Thorough Syllabus

I was searching the web looking to see who offered a certification for Personal Training. Of course I came across many online certifications but unfortunately online learning does not work for me. I needed to be in a class with an instructor and a thorough syllabus. “Get your Personal Training in Three Months” was being offered at a school in my area. I didn’t think much of it. I just figured hey in three months I’d be a Personal Trainer. So I called the school a representative explained the financial requirements and the schedule. It all sounded good until she gave me the actual location which was really an hour and a half from where I lived. NO! NO! NO! I wasn’t doing that kind of commute. I politely said “thank you for your time but unfortunately that location wouldn’t work for me.”

So I continued my research looking for another Personal Training program that was at a convenient location. Atlanta School of Massage came upon my computer screen. I knew they offered a Massage Program but had no idea they offered NASM Personal Training Certification as well. I called the school and the enrollment process was easy. Next I scheduled a meeting to meet with the school’s Admissions Representative. She was awesome. She had answers to all of my questions with no hesitation.

Sold On Filtered Water System

When she told me about the filtered water system they had I just knew the school was the one. Some people would find having a filtered water system not a big deal but to me it meant everything! It was another example of how people and planet health are part of the school’s core values. After meeting with my admissions representative and finishing up my paperwork the only thing I had left to do was wait until the first day of class.

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