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Marketing Your Massage Therapy Business

Posted on: May 1st, 2012 by Admin

Let Your Name Be Known

You need an online presence. Many people who want and need your services will be searching for them online. You can’t afford not to be there. Start blogging or build a website, even if it isn’t wonderful at first, just to claim your piece of online real estate and confirm to others that you are a legitimate business. Blogging is a powerful tool to establish yourself as an expert within your unique niche.

Get involved on social media and networking sites. Connect with your clients, as well as other professionals. LinkedIn is a wonderful networking site that can showcase your experience and expertise to your clients, as well as connect you with other professionals that may be willing to pass your name along to their connections.

Start a blog filled with unique and intriguing information. Maintain and add to this blog regularly to boost your position on search results and build a loyal readership. Create videos to share, filled with tips, instructions, and news about your business. Just don’t sit back and do nothing; your clients want to hear from you so make it easy for them.

Offer Incentives

Consider running promotions for a percent off services or have a contest. Offer a drawing for a gift certificate, either for your services or to a popular local restaurant. Engage your clients by getting them excited and offering them something of value. They’ll want to tell everyone they know about this great deal they just found with you.

Marketing is all about meeting your customers where they live and understanding what they want and need. If you are diligent and show that your primary concern is for your customers, your marketing efforts will be successful.

Following are two articles that may inspire you to take the next step towards creating a business plan or unveil a new marketing tip to try:

We would love to hear from other massage therapists. Please share what has worked for you- networking, social media, a website?

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