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Massage Therapy Career in a Healthcare Environment

Posted on: April 16th, 2012 by Admin

Massage Therapy in a healthcare environment

Today, medical research has provided documented evidence of the therapeutic benefits of massage for a wide range of medical conditions. As such, jobs available in a number of healthcare environments can provide a rewarding career path.

The Benefits of a Healthcare Environment Career

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry has experienced more growth than any other industry, and will continue to grow in the future, despite the harsh economic climate. Numbers from the same agency suggest that opportunities for massage therapists will see an above average, 20 percent increase by the year 2016 from 2006.

While salaried massage therapist positions are still in their early stages, trends indicate that healthcare-employed therapists will become commonplace as more and more people realize the confirmed health benefits of massage therapy. Baby boomers have begun to demand alternative and holistic approaches to healthcare that complement their clinical treatments. Many hospitals and nursing homes nationwide have already seen the benefits of contracting with massage therapists, and others have created full-time positions for the same.

When you combine the expanding numbers for projected growth in the industry with the growing demand for massage therapists by the general population, you find a healthcare career that offers stable job security. Massage therapists will be able to find rewarding employment opportunities with more ease than ever before, and may be able to expect the employment benefits that come with working for a healthcare institution in the near future.

Massage Therapists in the Healthcare Environment

Interestingly enough, massage therapists will not require very much special training in order to make the transition to a healthcare environment. In terms of skills and techniques, you will already be equipped for the job. The special concerns of a healthcare setting come with learning to work around medical equipment, adjusting to a clinical setting, and being flexible enough to work without a massage table.

You will also be around terminal patients, so working closely with these patients to provide the right amount of therapy time and pressure will be crucial, as will the ability to temper your emotional response. Even so, most massage therapists working in a healthcare environment find the position to be rewarding and well worth the effort.

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