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Mindfulness in Mobility Work

Posted on: March 27th, 2014 by Eric Lichtfuss
Bethany Eanes

Bethany Eanes

If you’re not doing mobility work, regularly, then shame on you!  If you don’t know what it is, then that’s OK.  The articles I’m about to link to could be a great way to begin your journey into incorporating regular mobility and recovery work into your regimen with a well-rounded mindfulness.

I saved these articles by , into my Pocket account, and just came back across them. Combined, they are about creating an awareness of the stretching and mobility exercises you are doing, and making sure that you are addressing a full range of human movement patterns.  The second article, The Power of Facilitated Stretching: How to Get the Most Out of Your Stretchesbuilds on that with a technique that can help you get more out of your stretching, and can be applied to all stretching you do.

I chose not to summarize either of these articles because they are both short, easy reads.  So, if nothing else, take the time to read the first article, and keep that in mind when you stretch, mobilize and even exercise.  Then you can come back to the second one later this week and add that information into your stretching routine, too.Nicknamed “Taz” as a child, Bethany is a high-energy former collegiate athlete.

, Contributor to Breaking Muscle – Nicknamed “Taz” as a child, Bethany is a high-energy former collegiate athlete. Despite spending twenty years in a gym or on a soccer field, she never developed a sincerely healthy lifestyle. When she opened the door to yoga, Bethany discovered true health and deep peace.

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