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National Aesthetic Spa Network, Atlanta Conference

Posted on: April 25th, 2016 by Admin

Inspired by the National Aesthetic Spa Network, (NASN) recent Atlanta Conference, we wanted to share some of our take-aways in case you missed it. This annual event for estheticians, skincare students and professionals provides networking opportunities and education about new spa treatments, global wellness trends and skincare products.


NASN Networking Conference


Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics Students

Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics Students, Carol Venclic and Tia Green


Maritza Rodriguez, Global VP of Marketing & Communications for Pevonia Botanica offered advice for esthetician entrepreneurs who struggle with retailing and sales. Product sales obviously increase income for one’s business in addition to the skin care services estheticians provide. “If you offer products that benefit your clients health and skin then you are actually educating vs. “selling” commented, Mary Tolbert. “Selling is healing if it’s in best interest of your client.”


Kim Lee, Pervonia International Educator


Kim Lee, Pervonia International Educator, inspired us with her wellness wisdom: “your thoughts create your physical world, be positive.” We have all heard this in some form or another and it’s always a good reminder to manifest wisely.

Words of Wisdom for Estheticians:

  • You are what you eat.
  • Healing occurs from the inside out.
  • Guide your clients into a healing state of mind at the beginning of a treatment.
  • Add more touch into every service.
  • Incorporate nature. We need more alpha energy which you get in nature. It’s creative, intuitive and the earth’s electromagnetic field grounds us when we stand on the earth barefoot.

Dr. Harry Fallick, Cosmetic Formulator and Founder of Tizo Sunscreen, spoke about the importance of a mineral sunscreen. Tizo Sunscreen blends up to eight different physical (mineral) particles to sit gently, softly and invisibly on skin to deflect UVA-UVB rays before the rays can touch the skin. Ingredients of  titanium and zinc reflect the sun and act as tiny mirrors so harmful rays can’t enter. He explained the higher the SPF in conventional sunscreens the more the chemicals. He stressed the importance of skincare ingredient knowledge.

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck gave an informative outline regarding Pharmacology, the study of drugs and possible interactions within skin care treatments. Because medications have become the norm in our society, the list of contraindications continues to grow. Consumption of drugs changes skin’s ability to absorb and alters skin’s ph and more. Erin is an educational icon known for her expertise in wellness, dermatological skin sciences and holistic aesthetics.


Allison Willams, National Educator for Lash Affair J. Paris


Allison Willam’s, National Educator for Lash Affair J. Paris, brought a dynamic presentation about one of the hottest trends these days- eyelash extensions. She shared a number of ways that this additional art offering has a high income potential. 

Tips and Benefits of Offering Lash Extensions

  • The service has a low overhead with high profit.
  • For clients it’s their down time and therapy.
  • Quality work and great customer service increase referral business.
  • Because of lash maintenance and investment these clients will be very loyal.

“It’s crucial to share your artistry and skill on Instagram with before and after images,” William’s advised.


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