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Preciosa Bell, APTP Graduate, Prepares for the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Competition

Posted on: June 1st, 2015 by Admin 1 Comment

 Preciosa Bell

The Atlanta Personal Trainer Program, (APTP), of Atlanta School of Massage, is sponsoring Preciosa Bell in the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion competition in Denver, June 20, 2015. Preciosa is training with Yano Anaya, APTP Director, in preparation for competing in the Fitness Model Diva category. This is part 1 in a series of posts following Preciosa’s story and inspirations with a peak into what it takes to prepare for a fitness competition.

What inspired your passion for health, fitness and becoming a personal trainer?

Before starting the Atlanta Personal Trainer Program, (APTP) I thought I was headed to law school. My life took a 180 after joining the program (No that’s not the score I made on the LSAT) and I am so happy and grateful I did! I was very athletic in middle school and high school. I ran track and played basketball. I dropped out right after my sophomore year of high school and had my son. I’m 30, my son is 13. I thought I wanted to be a pro sports player in high school and play collegiate level sports, but it all changed. Having my son so young lit a fire underneath me. I stopped focusing on athletics and more on books. I knew education would be the key to give him a better life. I finished my high school diploma through a home school efficiency program at 17 and started community college at 19. It took 8 1/2 years from the start of college to finish with a double major in Poly Science and Philosophy at GSU.  I also got married and had a daughter, now 2 1/2, and my pregnancy weight was up to 175lbs. I didn’t exercise much. I fell in the 60% percentile for LSAT scores and the wait list for law schools drove me back to the gym, to being an athlete and back to my previous love and passion for athleticism and sports. It ignited a fire. 

I am an athlete now. I thought you couldn’t be one without a team to belong to. My team now is my trainer, my walking/stage presence coach, the other trainers I finished the program with, and the millions of fitness enthusiasts around the world I connect with via the web that I refer to as my ‘fit family’. I couldn’t be happier. 

There are numerous fitness and training competitions, how did you choose the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion, (WBFF), competition?

I chose the WBFF because it is as much about fashion and style as it is about fitness. I’m working for my pro-card in order to compete in Las Vegas with the best of the best! The WBFF has two things I love combined, so I think it will be a great fit. Atlanta School of Massage, my sponsor, is giving me the opportunity to train with Yano Anaya, APTP Director, in preparation for the WBFF competition.

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Stay tuned for part 2, Preciosa Bell, Shares Why She Chose Atlanta Personal Trainer Program

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