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June 20, 2012

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy Course at Atlanta School of Massage

By: Admin

Atlanta School of Massage students now practice Ayurvedic Spa Treatments. Ayurveda, a system of healing, dates back 5,000 years to the ancient Sanskrit texts, the Vedas. Students use TARA® Spa Therapy’s Ayurvedic essential oil blends which assist the skin in cell rejuvenation, slow the aging process, improve circulation, release energy blockages and dissolve stress.

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July 15, 2010

The Art and Science of Aromatherapy

By: Carol Venclik

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils through topical application, Inhalation, diffusion to affect mood and improve health. Aromatherapy is both an art and a science. The art refers to the blending of pure essential oils, how they mutually enhance one another, both in their action and aroma. The Science applies to the unique chemical and therapeutic properties of each essential oil. These oils are used to maintain and promote physical and emotional well being along with balance.

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