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Benefits of Meditation

Posted on: November 10th, 2014 by Leslie Giattina


The Road to Learning Thai Massage

Benefits of Meditation is the fifth entree from The Diary of Leslie Giattina: The Road to Learning Thai Massage. Leslie Giattina is an Atlanta School of Massage graduate and instructor. She is studying abroad for two weeks at the Thai Massage School of Chang Mai. Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned to Leslie’s daily experiences and teachings while in Thailand.

Homeostasis and Optimal Health

For many of us, we do not slow down often enough to allow our bodies to cool off and have sufficient time for minor repairs. We sometimes can run our engines till they overheat then we are forced to take time and repair. Even as we are falling asleep many people think of what they may do the next day or what they have done already, or maybe we even dream of things we want to accomplish in our lives. With all that each of us has going on in our lives it is imperative to our well being, mentally, physically, and spiritually that we do things to assist our body and soul in the goal of seeking homeostasis and optimal health.


Connection and Focus

Meditation is a way to create opportunity for that time. Meditation provides the space for transformation with a focus on what may need adjusting internally and fundamentally. We can organize our mind and create a better connection with our soul, energy, or spirit. This connection also permits the heart to better understand how and what to do towards taking the best care of ourselves and many times others as well.

Leslie Giattina: The Road to Learning Thai Massage

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