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The Secret We Are All Looking For

Posted on: September 11th, 2012 by Eric Stephenson


Flipping through the TV channels the other night, I came across a professor from Harvard University talking about the research he had done on happiness. His findings? The most important factor in determining your happiness on this planet is your social support network – in other words, your authentic connection with other human beings.

So, I would like to thank YOU, each and every one of you that I have had the pleasure of connecting with in this incredible field of massage therapy over the past 15 years.  I am grateful for the friendship and support network that spans nationwide and I always look forward to seeing familiar faces wherever I travel.

At the end of the day of a recent workshop, a massage studio owner remarked on the sense of camaraderie and community amongst the 60 therapists in the room.  She said, “Is this what your life is like, being around all of this wonderful energy?”

“Yes, this is my world:  a room full of massage therapists gathered around a profession they hold dear to their hearts, giving and receiving bodywork”, I said.  “This group of therapists will touch thousands of people over the next few years.”

“You are a lucky man”, she said as she smiled.

“Yes, I am”, I said pausing for a moment in deep gratitude.  Yes. I am.

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