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Therapeutic Massage Can Be a Life Changing Experience

Posted on: July 15th, 2013 by Michelle DiGaetano


Although there continue to be struggles with some individuals’ perception of massage, I have experienced the therapeutic effects of massage for pain relief and stress reduction and know how it can change the direction of your life.

In 2003 I unexpectedly lost a job.  That caused me an enormous amount of stress.  At the time I was not at all familiar with massage therapy other than hearing how it helped people relax.  I thought it might help me so I redeemed a gift certificate I had been given many months prior for a one-hour massage. The relief I felt after receiving that massage was what led me to enroll in Atlanta School of Massage and become a massage therapist. I left that spa knowing I wanted to help people the way that  massage therapist had helped me. Massage can have such a huge impact both physically and mentally. I feel extremely rewarded with every client I have an affect on and who tell me how much I’ve helped them after receiving the massage.

This is just one example of an experience I had years ago that I won’t forget.  I was doing chair massage at a breast cancer center at a local hospital. They had a spa night for women who had experienced breast cancer, were currently going through treatment or women who were supporting someone with breast cancer. We were offering 5 minute chair massages along with other spa services.  A woman came to me and said she had never had massage and was nervous about trying it.  She also asked if it really could make any difference.  I told her I thought she would love it and that she should try it at least one time.  I also told her if at any time she felt uncomfortable just let me know and we could stop.

Keep in mind this was only a 5 minute chair massage.  When I told her the massage was over she leaned up from the chair and was crying.  She stood up and hugged me saying “you have no idea how much you just helped me”.  Although I did know, I just smiled and let her talk.   She then went on to tell me she had just lost her father a couple weeks prior and had been stressed trying to help her mother cope.   She said she had no idea that massage could ever give that kind of relief.

Being a massage therapist is physically demanding and being a business owner in this industry has its financial ups and downs.  But because I believe 100% in what I do I want to continue to educate people about massage therapy and all its health benefits.   I continue to work hard  growing my mobile massage service and helping my clients achieve better health.

About Turn 2 Massage

Owned by licensed massage therapist Michelle DiGaetano, Turn 2 Massage provides mobile massage and chair massage throughout the Atlanta region. Turn 2 Massage excels in the art of massage therapy by bringing quality onsite chair massage, therapeutic table massage and mobile spa party services to you. Turn 2 Massage offers corporate massage for relaxation and stress relief at the office, massage on location for Film & TV, in home massage for relaxation and pain relief, and event chair massage services for any occasion. All of Turn 2 Massage’s therapists are state licensed leaders in the massage therapy industry.

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