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Victory for Georgia Massage Therapy Industry

Posted on: December 9th, 2014 by Admin

VICTORY at The Georgia Board of Massage Therapy

Atlanta School of Massage, (ASM), faculty and students spoke up against a proposed amendment that would have negatively impacted the massage therapy industry. ASM accounted for 30 of the 50 plus attendees at the Georgia Massage Licensing Board meeting last Friday. “After 4 hours of listening to public comments from individuals in the massage field including myself, Traci Daly-Smith, Leslie Giattano, Cindy Farrar and a number of our students, the board ruled to drop the proposed rule completely! I cannot express how truly proud I am of our students for suiting up and showing up. Thank you to Traci Daly-Smith, Samantha Snair and Leslie Giattano for supporting the school. I am looking forward to being a part of future licensing board meetings and adding these students names to a list of my future colleagues.” said Margaret Alfieri, ASM Program Director.

VICTORY at The Georgia Board of Massage Therapy!


If adopted, the Georgia Massage Licensing Board would no longer accept continuing education in the modalities of structural integration, reflexology, movement practices, and energy practices. This included limiting the ability to accept CEU’s for these modalities that they consider outside the scope of practice for massage therapists.

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