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Visit to a Thai Wellness Center

Posted on: November 13th, 2014 by Leslie Giattina

The Road to Learning Thai Massage

Visit to a Thai Wellness Center is the sixth entree from The Diary of Leslie Giattina: The Road to Learning Thai Massage. Leslie Giattina is an Atlanta School of Massage graduate and instructor. She is studying abroad for two weeks at the Thai Massage School of Chang Mai. Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned to Leslie’s daily experiences and teachings while in Thailand.

Healing Properties of Herbal Tea

For today’s wellness tips, I have some great personal insight about the teas that I have found at the Mangala Center and their powerful healing properties. These teas are specific combinations of herbs to help my body flush out what is making me feel bad. The first sip of this custom-blended tea made me feel so good inside which confirmed that this is exactly what my body needs.

Wellness is Part of the Thai Lifestyle

Here is a video from last week when I went for my consultation. I saw Dr. Rungrat who is very sweet and so little.  She has a grand and gracious personality, and everyone there is very kind and takes excellent care of every person.

Another sign that wellness is part of the culture here is that you can find Thai Massage practitioners on almost every corner.  The love that is behind this ancient healing art and tradition is filled with rich understanding of the whole person being the focus and not just the current ailment or discomfort present at that moment.

The Road to Learning Thai Massage

Food also gives us healing nutrients that our bodies require. Here, food is cooked all day, everyday, fresh to order. The fruit is incredibly delicious. I mean D E L I C I O U S. The soups help me feel good if I’m feeling yucky. They even have fresh cooked crickets, grasshoppers, and other bugs. I actually planed on trying some with a couple of the other girls in our group, but after I manifested a cold I decided I’d better be careful of my little immune system right now.  Maybe I will try some bugs another time, LOL ! But really I wanted to try at least a little one.

The Road to Learning Thai Massage

 Sa wa de ka (Have a Good Day), Leslie

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