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Why I Chose Atlanta School of Massage

Posted on: November 12th, 2015 by Luisa Thompson 1 Comment


A Passion for Helping Others

Many healers find their way towards a rewarding career in wellness because of a strong desire to help others. Quite often this is inspired by wanting to help a loved one or family member. Luisa Thompson, an Atlanta School of Massage student, shares why she chose ASM and how it all began with wanting to provide comfort to her mother who was experiencing increased pain due to diabetes.

How did you choose Atlanta School of Massage?

Luisa Thompson: I came to Georgia from New York. As 2015 rolled in I kept thinking about a change of environment. I found Atlanta School of Massage after a random Google search of Massage Therapy schools in the South. I love traveling; I studied abroad in Florence and went to Ecuador for a community service project. I kept feeling like I wanted to explore the states, but in particular the South.

I chose ASM because the school offered small classes, reflexology, and more than 500 hours. The tuition was lower in comparison to other schools and ASM has great reviews.

I emailed the school to find out more information in January and was surprised to get a response right away. I was even more surprised that Jason, ASM Admissions Representative, still remembered who I was when I contacted him again months later about visiting the school. Then when I came down to visit ASM I knew that this is where I wanted to study.

Was there someone or a particular experience that inspired your interest and passion towards a path of wellness?

LT: I grew up massaging the elders in my family. I always enjoyed the idea of being able to help heal my family members pain. I have now learned that I was not healing their pain but instead aiding the body to heal itself.

My desire to study massage therapy grew more when my mother was diagnosed with diabetes. My mother, as a result of diabetes, experienced an increase of pain throughout her body. I kept saying to myself that I need to find a way to help her. I also became interested in reflexology.

What are some of the highlights or aspects that you enjoy in the massage program?

LT: In these few months as a student at ASM, I have learned so much about massage therapy and wellness. I love my classmates and believe we were meant to be together, almost in a synergistic way. I also love that this program provides each student with the resources to understand what is being taught to us in a non-intimidating way.

How has staff and instructors supported or encouraged you in the program?

LT: All my instructors have instilled more knowledge and confidence in me. I came to ASM with apprehension about the Anatomy and Physiology course because in the past I had difficulty retaining this knowledge. But now, what I am learning makes sense and I am excited to learn.

What are your dream goals after graduation?

LT: I am still exploring the many directions one can take in the field of massage therapy. However, after graduation I would like to get involved in massage therapy research. Also, my long term goal is to open a rehabilitative center which will provide the therapeutic services of massage, music, and writing to relieve stress in children and adults.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Thankyou for the posting Luisa! Enjoy your career as a massage therapist! Namaste!

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