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Dual Certification in Massage Therapy and Personal Training, Imagine the Possibilities

Posted on: July 1st, 2013 by Carrie Elliott 1 Comment

I am a recent graduate of the massage therapy program at Atlanta School of Massage.  My experience was an amazing journey on a personal and educational level. I learned more about myself than I anticipated. I did not have a clue as to what to expect. The refreshing acceptance and open mindedness of my classmates truly made an impression for life. To all of you stepping into this field, I congratulate you in continuing your education and I charge you to embrace the unknown through this journey. It is a ride to remember and more importantly one to cherish.

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ASM personal trainer program – We have fun!

During the program, my instructor announced the launch of the personal training program and the up coming personal trainer clinic available to faculty, staff, and students; I signed up. Let’s be honest, how many times have you entertained the thought of having your very own personal trainer? My thoughts were often “if I had someone to stand there to push me, I would be in great shape”. If you can relate, I encourage you to stop tossing the idea in your head and make it happen! I did and loved every minute of it. First step is show up. There were several mornings I wanted to stay in my warm cozy bed; however, I knew someone expected me to be there. I complained to my trainer probably the first fifteen minutes of how it was difficult for me to literally roll out of bed! Later I realized the days I didn’t give into the “I don’t want to” attitude and those days were the best workouts. The main reason for this is because I made the decision to push through just by being present.

After being so impressed with my experience as a trainee I decided to continue my education at ASM  by signing up for the personal training program. I’ve witnessed the faculty and staff going above and beyond with students. Their belief in me and consistent encouragement made deciding on where to go for personal training easy. There are many benefits in learning so much anatomy and physiology of the human body prior to entering the personal training program. We learn how to access the over stretched and chronically shortened muscles just by a postural analysis in the massage program. In the personal training program, a squat assessment allows the trainer to observe muscles groups which need to be stretched and strengthened. Imagine the possibilities of having a massage therapist and personal training certification. I imagined it, signed up and super excited about my future!

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  1. Traci Daly-Smith says:

    Love this blog! Carrie thanks for the inspiration!

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