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Happy ValenMine’s Day

Posted on: February 11th, 2016 by Elizabeth Adams 1 Comment

Love Yourself


Lucille Ball said it “Love yourself first and everything falls into place”. Seems simple right? For many people, it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds. When we love others, we put our all into it- we can love openly and fiercely- but when it comes to loving ourselves we think it sounds selfish or pompous… maybe even a little ridiculous. Well, isn’t that all love is? Shouldn’t love be amazingly, fantastically ridiculous? This year, instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, I’m proposing that we all celebrate “ValenMine’s Day” a day all about your first true love- YOU! It’s easy really. Anything you would like done for yourself, or that you would like to do for someone else, do it for yourself. Here’s how I plan to celebrate my very first ValenMine’s Day-

  1. Make a Vision Board– I’m always making them on Pinterest- There’s something about seeing the things you want in your life that just makes you work harder for them. It also makes your goals seem less lofty and more obtainable.
  2. Surround Yourself with Positive People– It’s easy to not love yourself when you’re busy being negative- surrounding yourself with positivity and good vibes makes you feel so great! Positive people are usually more supportive and give out great hugs too. Bonus!
  3. Turn off the Facebook and Twitter Notifications– I mean really, your birthday is the only day people flood your wall with awesomeness and that’s because Facebook tells them to- most of the time it’s negativity, and we don’t have time for that (see #2).
  4. Decompress– Everyone has their own way of doing this. Yoga, meditation, driving on a trafficless 285 with the sunroof open while listening to 90’s boy bands (just saying). Find what works for you- but take a few minutes to just chill and be alone- no one can love your company if you don’t love your company.
  5. Educate Yourself– You don’t have to go back for your Masters of Renaissance Pottery- it can be as simple as a “Word of the Day” Calendar- just learn something. I myself would love to take a cooking class. And speaking of cooking…
  6. Cook for Yourself– It sounds silly, but making yourself a meal, then sitting down and indulging in something you made- it feels so great. The dishes? Not so much…
  7. Go for a Walk– I love to get outside and walk. One of my favorite places to stroll is Zoo Atlanta. Especially when it’s cold out. There are fewer people there and more of the animals are out. Don’t tell anyone, it’s my little secret. Being outside and being connected with nature can bring peace of mind and get the blood pumping. You’ll need the walk after cooking yourself a big meal.
  8. Clear Your Space– New studies are showing that clutter=sadness. Start small, maybe a closet or under your sink- clear it out, donate anything that you don’t want that’s still usable. Your space will be clean AND you’ll get the warm fuzzy feeling of helping out others.
  9. Buy Yourself a Cheesy Valentine– Flowers? Check! Heart shaped box of chocolates? Check!  Huge Teddy bear with a bow? Check! Valenmine’s Day is about celebrating you, so if you want the tulips, get the tulips, if you want the Reece’s Peanut Butter Hearts- go for it.
  10. Give Yourself a  (or go get one)- I’m an esthetician, I love skin! I love facials! It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize. Treat yourself to some great products.
  11. Pay It Forward-Don’t forget that showing others kindness is the biggest reward. It doesn’t have to be big- a smile can mean the world to someone who needs it. Donating old coats you no longer wear to a women’s shelter, volunteering time with the elderly, helping out at a soup kitchen- All of these things give you back more than you can ever imagine. One of my favorite local charities is Lost n Found YouthThey help teens in the LGBTQ community who are homeless and help them find homes. Want to volunteer but don’t know where or how? Visit Hands on Atlanta to find an organization in your area that suits you.

Loving yourself is simple. Just treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Do small things for yourself, with great care. Happy Valenmine’s Day Y’all!

One Response

  1. Melissa says:

    Good posting! Thankyou for the great ideas! Yes we should love ourselves
    First! Valemines day! 🙂

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