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Thai Massage Proven Beneficial as Preventative Medicine

Posted on: November 5th, 2014 by Leslie Giattina 1 Comment

The Road to Learning Thai Massage

The Road to Learning Thai Massage

Thai Massage Proven Beneficial as Preventative Medicine is the third entree from The Diary of Leslie Giattina: The Road to Learning Thai Massage. Leslie Giattina is an Atlanta School of Massage graduate and instructor. She is studying abroad for two weeks at the Thai Massage School of Chang Mai. Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned to Leslie’s daily experiences and teachings while in Thailand.

The Road to Learning Thai Massage

Thai Culture and History 

I look forward to sharing what I’ve learning about Thai culture and the history of the Ancient traditions of healing that are still used today. For instance, Thai traditional medicine re-gained recognition in 1977 when the World Health Organization encouraged the utilization of native medicinal plants in the major healthcare systems. Thai government then began supporting Thai Massage.

Thai Massage is Proven Beneficial as Preventative Medicine

As this beautiful philosophy has gained respect from both the government and the Thai public. The licenses and regulations have also improved.  Thai massage is being proven everyday to be greatly beneficial as a preventative medicine as well as healing acute conditions.  Based on a persons unique information including lifestyle, birth date and each persons specific makeup of life elements, helps create a beautiful authentic treatment storyboard for that individual. Eastern massage therapy is beneficial to both the giver and the receiver of the treatment. Its an amazing exchange.

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  1. Massage is a great thing for releasing stress and tension. Keep up the good work.

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