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The Life of a Personal Trainer Student and When the Unexpected Happens

Posted on: February 24th, 2015 by Ebony Ricks

Ebony Ricks

This is the final entree in a 3-part series by Ebony Ricks, Atlanta Personal Trainer Program student. Read part-1, How I Decided to Become a Personal Trainer, part-2 How I Chose Atlanta Personal Trainer Program.

“Just make sure you arrive at 6:30am.” Ok so I knew class started at 7am but for the first day we had to be there at 6:30am! That’s tough for a person who wakes up without the use of an alarm clock. I was used to waking up between 9 and 10 so waking up before sunrise was something I was definitely going to have to get used to even though I arrive on time that morning ready to learn. I remember being in class on the first day listening to everyone stating their reason for joining the program and all I could think was, Wow…these people are gym rats, and there I was, knowing absolutely nothing about the gym. I was a total newbie.

A month went by I still kind of felt out of place questioning myself about the decision I made to enroll in the Atlanta Personal Trainer Program. Is this something I really want to do? Was I not passionate about helping people becoming physically fit? I had no idea, I just knew that it was something I started and I was determined to finish. Over Thanksgiving break I found out something that would change my life forever. I was Pregnant! Yes Pregnant! No, it wasn’t the end of the world but definitely a start to a new one. Some friends asked me if I was going to finish the program. Yes! I was going to finish. I found out I was pregnant not that I was handicapped and even then that shouldn’t be a reason for quitting. But it all made sense to me that I had not lost my passion for helping people become physically fit. I did make the right decision by joining the program, my hormones were just raging and I had no idea.

When returning back to school I remember keeping quiet about the pregnancy for a while until I was ready to share. Before sharing, the class would have discussions here and there about kids and sadly it seemed everyone disliked kids. Of course it kind of made me feel a little uncomfortable but I soon got over it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I remember the day I told my instructor I was pregnant and he gave me the biggest hug and told me congrats. I continue on with the program working out and learning different materials along the way. After four months into this journey I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot. Yano Anaya, Personal Training Program Director, definitely knows his craft and I truly respect his vision.

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