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Top 2015 Skincare Trends

Posted on: January 13th, 2015 by Carmen Jones 2 Comments

Selfies are still #1.

1. How we look on Instagram, Facebook and other forms of social media will continue to influence trends in makeup, skincare and plastic surgery. We will continue to look to You Tube tutorials for makeup and skincare instruction and will also continue to share our techniques online.


Internal health = external beauty.

2. We are understanding the correlation between what we consume and what affects our skin. 2015 will see a continued demand for organic, paraben free products and healthy eating. “No-tox” treatments will continue to replace botox and other injectables as we look to more natural remedies.


3. Skincare and makeup brands will continue to reflect the changing demographic of the US by offering a wider variety of colors and skin treatments. There will also be continued interest in international, more exotic skin care and spa treatments such as ayurveda, reflexology and “uber-relaxation” techniques such as “body wrap with a nap”.

pale is the new tan

Pale is the new tan.

4. With rising legislative impediments and growing interest in anti-aging treatments, we are moving further and further away from tanning beds and artificial sun light. Bronzers and makeup conturing will continue in popularity as healthier alternatives.

Visit Day Spa Magazine and Skin Inc. for more 2015 skin and beauty trends.

2 Responses

  1. Dr.Zakariya says:

    I have been in the field of skin care for at least 7 years and I find nothing recommended by the best natural materials and not herbal compounds, it helps to tighten and lighten the skin and a record period and the food also benefits great for the skin and the same as the sun, provided that the exposure to the sun does not exceed 10 California Bioenergy Skin Care is 100% natural

  2. I’ve liked the internal health thing. Beauty is the reflection of your healthy diet

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