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What Inspired Me to Become a Massage Therapist

Posted on: November 5th, 2014 by Leslie Giattina 1 Comment

Leslie Giattina “The road to learning Thai Massage”

The Road to Learning Thai Massage

What Inspired Me to  Become a Massage Therapist is the second entree from The Diary of Leslie Giattina: The Road to Learning Thai Massage. Leslie Giattina is an Atlanta School of Massage graduate and instructor.  She is studying abroad for two weeks at the Thai Massage School of Chang Mai. Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned to Leslie’s daily experiences and teachings while in Thailand.

What Inspired Me to  Become a Massage Therapist

When I was a child I started giving shoulder massages to my family members. Growing up and living in a household filled with lots of love and affection, this came very naturally to me, and I was great at it to!

Through beginning to learn more holistic methods of alternative healing and natural ways to help people become well, I began changing my life and helping others in the process.

A massage done by some one with good intent, proper knowledge, and a deep connection to the work being performed can change the way a person may feel both mentally and physically.

Thai Massage energizes our chi, qi or life force, balances much of the hormonal aspects of our bodies, and increases flexibility while also releasing other soft tissues.

Thai Massage also benefits the therapist as the technique includes more movement and less repetitive strokes, typical in conventional massage.

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  1. Marcus Morgan says:

    My wife and I are big into getting massages. We have been thinking about getting a Thai massage. First, I wanted to research it and see some of the benefits of getting a Thai massage. This article was very helpful and had some good reasons.

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