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Why Choose The Atlanta Personal Trainer Program?

Posted on: March 15th, 2016 by Admin 1 Comment

Atlanta Personal Trainer, Tonia Reid

Tonia Reid, a student of the Atlanta Personal Trainer Program, shares her story about how she is turning her passion for wellness into a career helping and inspiring others.

I chose the Atlanta Personal Trainer Program, (APTP), as a result of a mindset to change my lifestyle, first. It was not easy. I had a lot of false starts until I finally committed myself to a life of health and wellness January 11, 2015, and I haven’t looked back. Then, I said to myself, “why not help others get healthy and move better?” I had looked at other online and on-site personal training programs, but none spoke to me as this one did at ASM Wellness. My experience in this program has really opened my eyes to what to expect in the real world of personal training. The field trips are PHENOMENAL! I thoroughly enjoy interactions with my diverse team and instructors too. Online formats are impersonal and impractical, in my opinion; I mean “Would one trust a doctor or nurse with an online degree?” Then why should one trust a “personal trainer” with a good body without the knowledge and hands on training? This program is setting us up for better opportunities. I really hope others consider and enroll in this NASM certified personal trainer program so they can be the best at their craft.

Atlanta Personal Trainer, Tonia Reid

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  1. Carmen says:

    Great story! You are an inspiration!

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